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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your business needs commercial car insurance. Whether you operate a home-based business and sometimes use your personal vehicle for business purposes or own a livery service, you need commercial auto coverage in order to protect yourself and any employees driving on company business. Joe Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc. works with businesses of all sizes in northeast Texas to provide affordable, effective commercial insurance. Through our network of insurance carriers, we have several commercial vehicle packages to offer.

From Delivery to Office Supply Runs

Many business owners don’t realize that personal auto insurance doesn’t cover accidents that happen while a driver is on company business. Whether or not your business owns a fleet of vehicles, you need to have commercial car insurance if anyone drives a vehicle for your company. Your secretary who takes her own car to pick up office supplies is driving for business. Any employee who rents a car while traveling for business is driving for your company. Fortunately, Joe Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc. has a variety of customizable, affordable solutions.

Customizable Business Coverage

Naturally, some businesses need more extensive commercial car insurance than others. Joe Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc. doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all policies. Instead, we’ll recommend an insurance solution based on your company’s current situation. If your business doesn’t own any motorized vehicles, you’ll want a policy that covers non-owned vehicles. If your business has a fleet of vehicles, owned-vehicle coverage will be important.

Our insurance experts will help you find a suitable commercial vehicle policy based on factors such as

  • Number of employees driving on company business
  • Average age of employees driving on company business
  • Types of vehicles driven for company business
  • Size of an owned fleet
  • Company safety records

Don’t risk liability for the hazards that lurk on the road. Protect your business and your employees today with a commercial auto insurance policy from Joe Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc.. Contact us for details.