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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

At Joe Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc., we work hard to make sure our corporate customers have sufficient insurance. Our risk-management experts take the time to learn about your organization and access the risks facing you. As an independent insurance agency, we then shop our extensive network of providers to identify great products that can protect against those risks. In some cases, standard insurance policies aren’t enough to protect against the full range of liability risks a business faces. In these cases, we recommend a commercial umbrella insurance policy.

Extended Corporate Liability Protection

Commercial umbrella insurance protects businesses against catastrophic liability losses that exceed the limits of other corporate insurance products. What if employment-related legal action resulted in a class-action lawsuit against your company? What if your manufacturing business unintentionally released a dangerous product for public consumption? In these cases, your organization could easily exceed the limits of your general liability or employment practices liability insurance. And this is exactly when commercial umbrella policies can help.

Importance of Commercial Umbrella Insurance

We live and work in a litigious society. As the cost of lawsuits and judgements grow, the right insurance coverage has become critical for the health and sustainability of businesses and organizations of all sorts and sizes. You never know how a jury will react to information presented in court, and a judgement against your business could mark the beginning of the end if you don’t have the right protection in place.

Affordable Umbrella Coverage for Your Business

Commercial umbrella coverage starting at $1 million in protection is available through Joe Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc. at affordable premiums. In addition to extending the limits on your existing corporate insurance policies, umbrella insurance may also extend your coverage to otherwise excluded incidents. Can you really afford not to have it?

Contact Joe Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc. today to learn more about commercial umbrella insurance and other business insurance options available to businesses in northeast Texas.